PSB-CBT™ Roster

The Problematic Sexual Behavior - Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy™ (PSB-CBT™) Roster Committee in collaboration with the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center PSB-CBT™ Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Program developed the training requirements for rostering in the PSB-CBT™ models for preschool, school-age, and adolescents. Providers eligible to be rostered in a PSB-CBT™ model must have completed all training requirements in the model(s), including fidelity requirements, in which trained.

Rostered PSB-CBT™ Providers are individuals who have received appropriate training in the evidence-based treatment model and are considered qualified to provide PSB-CBT™ services to children with problematic sexual behavior, their victims, and their caregivers.  Rostered PSB-CBT™ Providers will be included on a public PSB Roster for a three-year period, after which time they would need to complete re-rostering requirements. The PSB-CBT™ Roster Committee reserves the right to deny rostering to any individual if minimum standards of competence are not met and appropriately documented.

Who can become a rostered PSB-CBT™ Provider?

  • Providers that have successfully completed all training requirements, including fidelity criteria, for clinical training in a OU PSB-CBT™ treatment model, provided by an approved PSB-CBT™ Trainer can apply for PSB-CBT™ Roster.
  • Eligible providers must be licensed mental health providers or pursuing licensure while receiving professional supervision as required by law.

What is the process for becoming a rostered PSB-CBT™ Provider?

  • Provider must submit an application to become a PSB-CBT™ Rostered Provider and pay the associated fees.
  • When a completed application is received, the PSB-CBT™ TTA Program will process the application and determine if training requirements have been met.
  • The PSB-CBT™ Roster Committee has four (4) weeks from time of receipt of application to determine if applicant is approved or not for rostering and for which PSB-CBT™ model.
  • The Applicant will receive an email three to five (3-5) business days after the application has been received to confirm receipt of the application, and another within four (4) weeks to inform the applicant on the application being approved or denied.
  • Upon approval of the application, the provider will be sent a separate link to complete a test of knowledge related to the PSB-CBT™ model.
  • When the applicant successfully passes the test (80% or higher), the applicant will receive notification of rostering and will be added to the public PSB-CBT™ roster list.

What will happen if the applicant's training is determined to not meet the training requirements or the application is incomplete?

  • The applicant will not be approved to receive PSB-CBT™ Rostering.
  • The applicant will receive personalized feedback from the T/TA team regarding what is needed for successful application.
  • The applicant's roster fee will be refunded, less the $50 application review fee.
  • The applicant will need to re-submit a completed or updated application to the PSB-CBT™ Roster Committee and pay the application review and rostering fees to be re-considered for rostering.

How can I apply for PSB-CBT™ Roster?

  • The applicant must meet training requirements as outlined in the Training Requirements for PSB-CBT™ Roster.
  • If you have completed the Training Requirements, complete the PSB-CBT™ Application for Roster using the RedCap platform.
  • The following items will be required to submit with application:
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Copy of License or Official Documentation indicating active status
    • Copy of PSB-CBT™ Curriculum Training Fidelity Status Form (Completed by authorized PSB-CBT™ trainer)

What if I have been approved as a Rostered PSB-CBT™ Provider, but my information is missing from the public registry list?

  • If you have been approved, please be patient with our team members. The Roster list will be updated once a month.
  • If you have been approved and still not listed, this may have happened because we do not have a current email address for you.
  • This could have happened because you indicated you did not want your information shared on the public registry list.

Email is the primary method used by the PSB-CBT™ Roster Committee to communicate with applicants.  Communication regarding Roster status will occur within the aforementioned time schedules.  Checking and responding to your email frequently will ensure timely processing of your application in the event that the PSB-CBT™ Roster Committee has questions regarding your application.  The PSB-CBT™ Roster Committee and/or OU TTA team members are not responsible for delays in processing applications that are due to applicant's failure to respond to email, applicant's failure to notify PSB-CBT™ Roster Committee of an email change, or email that is undeliverable due to applicant's email server restrictions (e.g., full mailbox).  To ensure that important messages from the PSB-CBT™ Roster Committee are not blocked by Spam or Junk email filters, applicant's should add to receive emails from the PSB-CBT™ Roster Committee.

The PSB-CBT™ Roster Committee reserves the right to revoke PSB-CBT™ Roster if applicant becomes imprisoned, on probation or parole, or involved in a case being appealed. The PSB-CBT™ Roster Committee may deny rostering or re-rostering until three (3) years of following the exhaustion of the appeal, completion of probation or parole, or final release from imprisonment, whichever is later.

Cost for PSB-CBT™ Roster

Initial PSB-CBT™ Roster Period (Three-Year) - $200.00

  • Cost for one PSB-CBT™ model (Preschool, School-age, Adolescent) Roster for three years from the beginning date on their PSB-CBT™ Roster Certificate.
    • Currently only accepting applications for School-age.  
  • Cost includes a $50.00 Application Review Fee (non-refundable) and $150.00 Roster Fee.

Additional PSB-CBT™ Model Roster Period (Three-Year) - $100.00

  • Cost per additional PSB-CBT™ model Roster for three years from the beginning date on their PSB-CBT™ Roster Certificate.
  • Cost includes waived Application Review Fee and $100.00 Additional Roster Fee.

Re-Roster (Three-Year) - $75.00

  • Re-Roster is renewable every three years.
  • Cost includes $25.00 Application Review Fee (non-refundable) and $50.00 Re-Roster Fee.
  • Applicant must complete a brief re-roster application and provide a minimum of 6 CE hours of PSB of Youth related topics (e.g., YPSB Journal Club, PSB Quarterly Clinical Consultation Calls, OneOp Webinars, journal article review, conference presentations, etc.)