2023 PSB-S Curriculum

5th Edition School-Age PSB-CBT™ Treatment Manual Revision

With the significant contributions from KD Diamond and Linda Donahue for the illustrations and organization of the 5th edition, the PSB-CBT™ program has been able to further enhance the usability of the school-age manuals for the clinicians and engagement of the families served.  

PSB-CBT™ for Youth Ages 7-14

5th Edition Group Manual Orientation

• This webinar is not a substitute for training in the PSB-CBT™ model.

• The intended audience for this webinar are providers currently conducting PSB-CBT™ group therapy to children 7-12 or 7-14 based on the 4th edition of the manual or earlier versions. 
• The purpose is to share with you the changes the manual has undergone and answer any questions you have about content delivery.

Please note that having a copy of these manuals is not sufficient for administering this program.  Clinical training and fidelity monitoring in the OUHSC PSB-CBT™ Treatment Program for School-Age Children with Problematic Sexual Behavior is required.

Electronic versions are not yet available.