Advanced Training

Implementing Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) for Preschool and School-Age Children with Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB) Related to Trauma

Dates Location  Enrollment
September 29-30, 2022 Virtual  Closed
February 20-21, 2023

NSSBY - Norman, OK

September 7-8, 2023



Advanced Training for Therapists Trained in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) to Address Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB) Within PCIT Services

Dates Location  Enrollment
October 12-13, 2022 Virtual  Closed
Summer 2024 Virtual Coming Soon

Advanced Training on Treatment for Preschool Children with Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB) 

Dates Location  Enrollment
October 19-20, 2022

OUHSC campus - Oklahoma City, OK

October 18-19, 2023

OUHSC campus - Oklahoma City, OK


Advanced Training for Problematic Sexual Behavior - Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (PSB) for Youth 13-14 Years Old and Juvenile Justice

Dates Location  Enrollment
May 4-5, 2023 Virtual Closed
February 1-2, 2024 Virtual Coming Soon
August 1-2, 2024 Oklahoma City, OK Coming Soon