Lisa Pineda, MSW

Lisa Pineda, MSW, LCSW-R is a senior level psychotherapist at Montefiore Bronx Health Collective in NYC, where she is also the Mental Health Director of Terra Firma, a medical-legal partnership serving unaccompanied immigrant children and asylum-seeking families. Lisa specializes in child/adolescent mental health and is trained in several evidence-based therapeutic interventions: TF-CBT, AF-CBT, SPARCS, CPP, PSB-CBT. Lisa has over 10 years of experience contributing to the research and refining of therapeutic interventions with Hispanic immigrant population. Lisa is a co-author of “Working with parents and children separated at the border: Examining the impact of the Zero Tolerance policy and beyond,” Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma (2019), and “Mental health as the cornerstone of effective medical-legal partnerships for asylum-seekers: The Terra Firma model,” Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy (2022).