Sue Righthand, PhD

Sue Righthand, Ph.D., is a psychologist in independent practice. She has a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She has extensive experience working with youth and adults who have offended sexually, as well as individuals who have experienced or initiated child maltreatment and other forms of violence. Dr. Righthand is affiliated with the University of Maine where she is an Adjunct Associate Research Professor.

Dr. Righthand’s recent collaborations include the development of the Youth Needs and Progress Scale and two books: Effective Intervention with Adolescents Who Have Offended Sexually: Translating Research into Practice and the Safer Society Handbook of Assessment and Treatment of Adolescents who have Sexually Offended. She co-authored the Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocol II and related research, and was a member of ATSA’s Adolescent Practice Guidelines Committee. Dr. Righthand is a consultant to the National Center for Sexual Behavior in Youth (NCSBY) and provides training, program evaluations, and consultations.