Susan Schmidt, PhD

Susan Schmidt, PhD, is a licensed counseling psychologist and Associate Professor at the OUHSC Center on Child Abuse and Neglect. Dr. Schmidt is a member of the national Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Trainer Network. She is the director of Oklahoma TF-CBT, which provides statewide and national professional training and consultation in child trauma assessment and TF-CBT treatment. Dr. Schmidt serves as the Co-Director of the OUHSC Child Trauma Services Program, which specializes in family and group-based TF-CBT, graduate-level clinical training and supervision in child trauma assessment and treatment, and clinical research on childhood posttraumatic stress. Additionally, Dr. Schmidt serves as the Director of the Adolescents with Problematic or Illegal Sexual Behavior Program, and conducts clinical treatment and professional training in the Oklahoma model of cognitive-behavioral treatment for adolescents with problematic sexual behaviors.